miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

The bike of the future!!

Mirar lo que he encontrado en una de las paginas de moda que suelo visitar...

... Best concept in the competition called "Future City Mobility". This was a group effort by Il Choi, David Seesing, Miika Hekkinen and me. All friends of mine at the RCA. A great project from the start to the end. The brief was basicly to look at the traffic situation in London for the year 2030. Our concept was to create a car-free-zone in the central of London, called London Garden. Inside this zone we developed a system created around bicycles. Allowing a special designed bicycle/scooter to be well integrated with the infrastructure aswell as becoming a part of the interior of the busses and taxis. Inside London Garden, the users have more awerness of the individual energy consumption. In fact, the energy that you create while biking is used as a currency while docking the bicycle into the bus or taxi.

Me encantan este tipo de ilustraciones.... y el projecto claro..

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  1. wow. very futuristic

  2. El futuro ya está aqui!!!!
    Muy bueno tu blog, te seguiré...
    Ah, y suerte el domingo!!!

  3. Muchas gracias!!!
    Yo tembien te leo...